BucsBrief Podcast Episode Twenty Seven

Episode 27 – Shoot from the hip cowboy – What did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do this weekend to prove that they aren’t the worst team in the NFL? I’ll wait. I hate going on rants every episode, but damnit, you Bucs fans deserve better than this! I’m joined by Adam Ratliff to break down this loss against the Minnesota Vikings. Luke Easterling @LukeEasterling of Bleacher Report and thedraftreport.com talks about the trades the Bucs made today (10/28/14), his grades from the Vikings game, this team moving forward, and the upcoming NFL Draft. Is there any hope moving forward? Will this team win another game this season? I know Garrett F’n Gilkey is not the answer. Thank God for Mike Evans, Patrick Murray, Gerald McCoy, and Lavonte David. Hashtag – It’s a Bucs Life.


BucsBrief Podcast Episode Twenty Six

“I’m not even supposed to be here today!”, but you all asked for a new episode during our official bye week, so I’m delivering. In this episode, I discuss the latest rumors and news about Vincent Jackson, the QB controversy (or lack thereof), plus the acquisition of Trindon Holliday. I’m also joined by Arif Hasan (@ArifHasanNFL) who covers the Minnesota Vikings who explains in great detail exactly what to expect from this team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face in their upcoming game. Arif goes into specifics on what the Bucs can expect to see from the Vikings defense, what Teddy Bridgewater has done this season, why the Vikings OL has played poorly, and who exactly may be poised for a big game this week for the Bucs. You asked for it, so I gave it to you. It’s episode 26!


BucsBrief Podcast Episode Twenty Five

BREAKING NEWS – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not a good football team. Gosh, that makes me feel so much better. Not really. What in the hell is this team doing and what was that product they delivered to Bucs fans on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens? You want hope? I don’t have any for you. You want answers? You deserve them! Here’s a start for these NFL players. Do your job!! You will hear nothing but an absolute passionate evaluation of this football team, its players, and its staff from the head guy to the ticket rep on this episode. Buckle up.


BucsBrief Podcast Episode Twenty Four

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost a heartbreaker to the New Orleans Saints, but there are some positives to draw from the game and some clear and correctable issues that need to be addressed with this team moving forward. We’re joined by Gil Arcia @GilArciaTBC of TheBayCave.com and BucsBlitz.com as we discuss changes to the team, the QB position, and a breakdown of the Saints game. We preview the upcoming game against the Baltimore Ravens while giving an assessment on what is lacking right now, but where there may be some hope and hopefully some upcoming improvements.


BucsBrief Podcast Episode Twenty Three

293? That’s the amount of days between Bucs wins. Celebrate good times, COME ON, Bucs fans! We jammed this episode with a lot of positivity, cause it was needed and celebrate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Justin Pawlowski @CommishOnline from 98.7 The Fan’s Fan Interference talks about his new venture with BucsBlitz.com and discusses Mike Glennon, staff evaluations, and what he’s seen from our defense. Oh wait, there’s more? Luke Easterling @LukeEasterling joins us to break down the big win and what to expect against the New Orleans Saints this weekend. We talk about the play of Mike Evans and what he’s added to this offense. The band is all back together in this PACKED episode full of Bucs information. Game balls were given. Marcus Arroyo was praised. Greatest episode ever? Wins always feel better.


BucsBrief Podcast Episode Twenty Two

Paper – we thought the team looked good on paper. We thought the coaching staff looked good on paper. Fans are now putting paper bags on their head after seeing the nightmare we witnessed against the Atlanta Falcons. Have Bucs fans lost hope in this franchise? Have Bucs fans lost hope in this coaching staff? What is the current state of the Bucs? Who is responsible for what we’ve witnessed from this team so far this season? Where do we go from here? We break it down and address our concerns we have for the future direction of this team as we voice the concerns of Bucs fans. Gil Arcia (@GilArciaTBC) of TheBayCave.com joins us to discuss the Glennon versus McCown debate, what he’s seeing on defense, and if we have a chance against the Steelers. Feesh apologizes for being PC and promises that the gloves are off moving forward. Lots of misery, but lots of honest truth on this episode of the BucsBrief Podcast.


BucsBrief Podcast Episode Twenty One

THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! I have never been more fired up than in this episode. Thank you to Marcus Arroyo for the inspiration. No Thomas from Lutz. No Adam. All Feesh! Buc Ball is BORING, but what you hear in this podcast episode is absolutely not! Bucs Princess @Bucs_Princess joins us to break down the Rams game against the Buccaneers and gives her strong opinion on what is going on with this team. Luke Easterling @LukeEasterling from Bleacher Report breaks down the conservative nature of this coaching staff. What were the positives from the Rams game? What are we going to see in the Falcons game? We play your voicemails and tell you exactly why there is ZERO reason that we should not beat the Atlanta Falcons. Let’s go Bucs!


BucsBrief Podcast Episode Twenty

Bucs fans, in this episode you are absolutely given a straight an honest assessment of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers home opener against the Carolina Panthers and Feesh feels you have one person you can squarely look at for answers to your questions. After the performance the Bucs put on, fans do have a right to be concerned if there is not an improvement, especially on offense. We break down what we saw in the first game including the search for our “elite” defense and discuss our veteran quarterback who played like a rookie. We tell you what to expect from the St. Louis Rams this week and try to put as much of a positive outlook as we can moving forward with this team. You get nothing but honest opinions in this episode. No BS! No bias! 100% of the frustration we’ve heard from Bucs fans is displayed in this episode.


BucsBrief Podcast Episode Nineteen

Football that actually counts is back. No more BS! No more mock drafts! We discuss actual Tampa Bay Buccaneers football that counts. “The Voice” of the Carolina Panthers fan community has a clear message for Bucs fans and a bold prediction regarding Game 1. Gil Arcia of TheBayCave.com (@GilArciaTBC) joins us to discuss the 53-man roster and this Carolina Panthers game. Feesh, Thomas, and Adam break down the surprises/shocks of the final 53-man roster. Did the Bucs make a huge mistake by not drafting a QB in this year’s draft? What exactly are we going to see the Bucs do against Carolina and what will the outcome be? We break down what to expect in the Bucs first game. Pat Murray is awesome and Bucs fans will learn this. Steve White says the Bucs will have a “beast of a defense” and we add another $5 to the “Luke” McCown swear jar.


BucsBrief Podcast Episode Eighteen

This is our listener appreciation episode because you all are the reason we do this podcast. There was so much news around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 48 hours and we break down everything. We discuss the Tim Wright/Logan Mankins trade along with recent roster moves. We’re joined by our good friends of the show Adam Ratliff and the “official” Bucs Princess where we actually talk football on a football podcast. Imagine that? Did we mention our Bucs actually won a game? How awesome is this defense and how good can it actually be? Feesh goes on a major rant regarding his opinion on the Richie Incognito visit and voices his disgust on the reaction of folks who wanted him to be signed by this franchise. This episode is dedicated to all of our supporters for everything that you’ve done for this podcast. We appreciate all of you and want you to feel a part of this Bucs fan community.