Jul 29

Bucs Fans Around the Globe Feature Two

Our second Bucs Fan Around the Globe featured is “Bucs Princess” Nikki.

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I was born and raised in northern New Mexico and currently live in Albuquerque. I was not actually always a Bucs fan since both of my parents’ allegiances are to the Denver Broncos. As a young child, my dad never really took the time time to teach me about the game of football.  It wasn’t until after the 2002 Super Bowl win that I decided to adopt the Buccaneers as my own team to cheer for.  Through following the team, I began to really understand the game, and it was around 2006 that I truly fell in love with the sport.  As I learned more and more about the history of the Buccaneers and the complexities of the sport, I just couldn’t get enough. I was in love with everything football and grew a sense of pride through being a Buccaneers fan.

I don’t quite think I can be considered one of the iconic super fans like Big Nasty, Old School or BucNutz, but I have been widely recognized as the “Bucs Princess”.  The name originated from Twitter several years ago, since it has always been my handle. I take pride in my fan name because I do consider myself an educated football fan and I want to break the stereotype about female sports fans.  I am always representing the Bucs with my head held high, despite the rough seas since our Super Bowl win. I truly care about the whole organization and I crave interaction with other Bucs fans.

Currently, I am a student at the University of New Mexico and very close to graduating with a BA in Organizational Communications. After school, I plan on moving to Tampa and pursue my dreams of working for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My ultimate career goal is to gain a position in the marketing and promotions department.  I’d really love to contribute to their fan relations program because I want to help ignite the passion I have in my heart for the Bucs in as many other fans as I can.

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Jul 21

BucsBrief Podcast Episode Forty Eight

In our last episode before Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp begins, let’s go position by position and focus on the battles that will be won during training camp and the preseason.  We focus on

– Training camp fan availability

– An actual intriguing preseason matchup

– The importance of game 1 in Raymond James Stadium

– How many times will Jameis Winston turn over the ball?

– Why Doug Martin is the most complete RB on this roster

– A top-heavy WR core

– Why the OL still concerns me

– DT is the deepest position on this team

– The Ambassador of Kwon Alexander

– Why you shouldn’t freak out about Lavonte David’s contract

– Is CB a deep position?

– Where does DJ Swearinger fit?

– Special teams competition

Jul 14

Bucs Fans Around the Globe Feature One

Our first Bucs Fan Around the Globe featured is John “Superfan” Blakey.

I was born into the Bucs life. I was born at St Joseph’s hospital just blocks away from the old Tampa Stadium.  My passion for the Bucs first started as something to bond with my mother and brothers over. My best friends were the voices on the radio every Sunday usually telling me that our team had lost, but despite the bad news, I was there every week. I have never been fortunate enough to have season tickets, but I’ve definitely seen my fair share of games. One of my earliest jobs was selling souvenirs at Tampa stadium for two years and going on to do a brief internship with the old Buccaneer Magazine. 

Even after I moved to Atlanta,Georgia three years ago, I have continued to support the Bucs heavily.  I started by creating my Facebook Bucs group, The Buccaneer Invasion, a group dedicated to fans like myself who are passionate about their team even though we’ve moved away.  Next I was introduced to the ATLBUCS Facebook group led by Mark AtlBucs Goodman.  It includes such a great group of Buccaneers fans!  It feels like being in Tampa every week. This year I will be part of the AtlBucs board of directors.  Thanks to Mark AtlBucs Goodman, I was able to go to Canton, Ohio where I spent the weekend with fans from across the globe and got to march in the Hall of Fame parade.  I also attended the Derrick Brooks induction. I’ve met tons of great fans who have become close friends and even found the love of my life Jamie Lady Red Stone, who I will be marrying this coming February. This is all because of my dedication to the greatest NFL team.  Raise your glasses and fire the cannons! GO BUCS


Q – How do you represent the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Atlanta?

A –  I am a member of the AtlBucs Facebook group here in Atlanta.  We promote fellowship and goodwill between fans of all teams. We have weekly watch parties during the season and welcome Bucs fans and opposing fans alike. I also manage a sports Store in Lawrenceville,Georgia called Globall Sports.  We carry more Buccaneer merchandise than anyone north of the Tampa Bay area. During the season, I wear a Bucs shirt or jersey every day Monday – Sunday. On the rare chance I don’t wear something Bucs, my regular customers come in and ask if I’m a new employee.  “Hey where’s the Tampa guy?”, they will ask.

Q – Is it hard being a Bucs fan in Atlanta Falcons territory?

A – Hard? No. This Atlanta area is so full of transplants that the only time REAL Falcons fans come out is if they are in the playoffs.  Honestly, it’s kind of sad and makes you feel sorry for the team. That’s really the only time the “fans” give you a hard time. The one thing that is hard is finding a store that carries Bucs merchandise.  That’s why I started ordering more for Globall Sports. 


Q – What is your favorite memory as a Bucs fan?

A – Taking my son to his first Bucs vs Falcons game three years ago. He had never been to a Bucs game before and going in he told me he liked the Bucs, but his favorite sport  was basketball. After the game was over that the Bucs unfortunately lost,  my son looked at me and said “football is now my favorite sport”.  It was definitely a proud daddy moment to see a 3rd generation Bucs fan born. 

Q – Who is your favorite Bucs player of all time, and why?

A – #40 Mike Alstott.  He gave everything he had every week.  I loved the way he was loyal to the team and played his whole career in Tampa. Plus, the man was a beast on the field!!

Q – What is the best Bucs game that you’ve attended?

A – Bucs vs Lions 1997 playoff game.  It had a lot of excitement!  It was Barry Sanders first playoff appearance in many many years and was the last game at Houlihan stadium, Mike Alstott with a 30 yard TD run, John Madden,  Pat Summerall, and a Bucs win?! What else could you ask for?

Q – What is your most prized Bucs themed possession and why?

A – Either my Mike Alstott autographed full size helmet or my three Buccaneer Battle flags. I take them with me every where.  It’s great for photo opportunities and just showing off to Falcons fans.  Last year I was on TV during the HOF induction of Derrick Brooks, where I was shown holding up the flag.


Jun 18

BucsBrief Podcast Episode Forty Seven

Mark Cook (@MarkCook1970) of PewterReport.com came back on the show to give you everything you need to know about the minicamp that just wrapped up for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. How is Jameis Winston being perceived in the locker room? How has Mike Glennon adapted to the Dirk Koetter offense? Mark goes into that, plus gives great detail on specific players and position battles at the running back position and offensive line. What offensive player does Mark think will have a fantastic year for the Bucs? Defensively, will we see a rotation at DE and where do we have the most depth on defense? All of those questions are answered, and so much more. I discuss how you can give back to the podcast and how you can participate in our “Fans Around the Globe” segment. Guess who has an awesome social media department? Yep, it’s our Bucs! Find out why. It’s our episode 47 (John Lynch) and we can’t wait until training camp!

Jun 03

BucsBrief Podcast Episode Forty Six

Barcast #3  from the Brew Hub in Lakeland and we’re joined by Mark Cook (@MarkCook1970) from PewterReport.com.  There was so much to talk about in this episode and Adam Ratliff is back.  We discuss the excitement level of the fanbase going into the 2015 season and is that only because of Jameis Winston?  The Ring of Honor inductions include two of the most deserving inductees in Bucs history.  We draw comparisons between Coach Dungy and Coach Lovie Smith.  How important is it for the offensive line to be a cohesive unit?  Mark Cook tells us. Who are we most excited about from this Bucs draft class?  You’ll be surprised at who it is.

May 04

BucsBrief Podcast Episode Forty Five

In our final NFL Draft episode, we’re joined by former Bucs defensive lineman Steve White (@sgw94) as he gives you his opinions on what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did in this draft.  We discuss the offensive line, defensive line, secondary, the La’el Collins situation, and how Mike Evans and Jameis Winston will co-exist.  I also give you my opinions on the draft and the running back position, specifically with Doug Martin.  I close the show with some thoughts about podcasting and what to look forward to from the BucsBrief Podcast this upcoming NFL season.

May 01

BucsBrief Podcast Episode Forty Four

NFL Draft Day 1 Recap and Day 2 preview with Luke Easterling (@LukeEasterling) of BleacherReport.com & draftbreakdown.com and Gil Arcia (GilArciaTBC) of TheBayCave.com & BucsBlitz.com.  The excitement level for Tampa Bay fans is at an all-time high as most of the fanbase is still excited over the selection of Jameis Winston.  Now, what will the Bucs do in rounds 2 and 3 tonight?  Luke Easterling and I discuss what options the Bucs have.  Gil Arcia and I discuss the crab legs picture, and the timeline of the Bucs interest in Jameis Winston.  We also discuss some last minute draft rumblings plus Adrian Peterson and if he’s still an option for the Bucs.

Apr 30

BucsBrief Podcast Episode Forty Three

Live from Buffalo Wild Wings in Largo, Florida at Justin Pawlowski’s (@CommishOnline)NFL Draft party, we bring you a day 1 recap of the first round of the NFL Draft.  It’s a VERY exciting night as Jameis Winston has officially been selected for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Luke Easterling gives us his opinion and a few special appearances from Thomas From Lutz & The Bucs Princess.

Apr 29

After Jameis, Who Are The Bucs Drafting?

We’ve known for a while now that Jameis Winston will be the first overall player selected in this year’s NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  This is not news.  Since February, the BucsBrief Podcast has given you hours and hours of the most extensive discussion from draft experts focused specifically on the players the Bucs may be targeting in rounds 2-7.  Here is a final list of players I feel the Bucs may target in rounds 2-7.  I include the position and an estimate of the round the player will be drafted. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 27

BucsBrief Podcast Episode Forty Two

Last episode before the NFL Draft.  As it looks like the Bucs are locked in on selecting Jameis Winston as the number one overall pick, it seems the smear campaigns have picked up a bit.  I have to rant a bit about what taking a quarterback at number one means for this franchise and means for you as a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.  Luke Easterling (@LukeEasterling) of BleacherReport.com & DraftBreakdown.com joined me to discuss what the Bucs needs are and what positions should be selected in rounds two through seven.  We give you specific offensive and defensive lineman the Bucs have shown interest in, plus we go into specifics on some other players that could help fill needs for the Bucs.  Will the Bucs trade for Adrian Peterson?  Will Mike Glennon be in Tampa this season?  Tune in and find out.

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