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BucsBrief Podcast Episode Thirty Six

In our last episode of 2014 that was recorded live from Two Henrys Brewing Company in Plant City, Florida, we discuss what it’s like for your football team that you root for to “tank”, or maybe “play to lose the game” is more fitting.  While we discuss the specifics of the Saints game, there is a lot more football content to cover in this episode.  While we discuss the number 1 objective of this offseason, we look back and give our 2014 BucsBrief Podcast Awards.  Looking ahead to 2015 and the disappointments of 2014, we give you our last episode of 2014.

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BucsBrief Podcast Episode Thirty Five

Impromptu episode because that pathetic offensive performance and decision making of this Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff couldn’t allow us to wait another week to talk about this football team.  Feesh and Adam talk about how horrendous the offensive gameplan and performance was, how this OC hire is the MOST important decision Lovie Smith will make.  Looking ahead the Bucs may lock up the #1 overall pick, but the New Orleans Saints have nothing to play for either. Who wants it the least?

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BucsBrief Podcast Episode Thirty Four

In a time where people seem to care more about the Bucs locking up the number 1 overall pick versus the football games that they play on Sunday afternoons, we adjust with the times with the hot topics and discuss fans rooting for wins versus fans rooting for the number one pick and if that makes them more or less of a fan.  Marc Ryan (@MarcRyanOnAir) joins me for this discussion.  We also got the gang back together to discuss a multitude of Buccaneer topics including the current state of the team and the outlook moving forward.  This is the last show until our live remote show at Two Henrys Brewing Company on December 30th.  Happy Holidays Bucs fans!

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BucsBrief Podcast Episode Thirty Three

2-11 record, but right now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold the number 1 pick in next year’s NFL Draft.  Are folks celebrating, and is it now time to forget about this season and debate who the Bucs should take in the 2015 draft?  In this episode, you’ll hear a lot of great information from Luke Easterling (@LukeEasterling) from Bleacher Report and TheDraftReport.com about this Bucs team and the players who may be targets for the Bucs in the next draft.  I beat the OL to death again, but not as bad as they let Josh McCown get beat up.  Positives moving forward?  Yes, there are some. Three more games and three more episodes left for our season.  Go Bucs!

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BucsBrief Podcast Episode Thirty Two

Blow the whistle, we have another penalty on this Bucs offensive line. Episode 32 breaks down the undisciplined penalties by this football team (specifically the offensive line).  As bad as this offense was this game, the Bucs lost to a now 8-win football team by 1-point. We’ve come to expect it from a 2-10 team at this point.  Yes, this defense is improving, but this is the offensive line is the worst in football. 4 more games left to see what this team has left.  It caused Feesh to curse this week.  #ItsABucsLife

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BucsBrief Podcast Episode Thirty

It’s much more fun having an episode after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win a football game.  This was a great team win over the team from Washington and we broke down the specific improvements in the game.  We’re joined by Jason Kanno of Bleacher Report (@BucsBR) to discuss the RB position and OL and Luke Easterling of Bleacher Report and TheDraftReport.com (@LukeEasterling) to discuss this last game, Josh McCown, Mike Evans, and the NFL draft.  I give you my gameballs for this week and have a bold prediction for this upcoming game against the Chicago Bears AKA Lovie’s revenge.

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BucsBrief Podcast Episode Twenty Nine

A recent poll by BucsNation.com revealed that 23% of those who responded want Lovie Smith fired after the end of this season.  I find that absolutely crazy!  Read that article HERE.  This team is continuing to kill themselves.  We discuss why this football team is just not able to win a football game week after week.  We’re joined by Gil Arcia (@GilArciaTBC) of TheBayCave.com & BucsBlitz.com to talk about his recent articles, this coaching staff, and current state of this football team.  A 1-8 football team is not anything that I predicted before this season started.  Unfortunately, it is what it is.

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BucsBrief Episode Twenty Eight

Well, well, well, what did we talk about? How about this QB change that the Buccaneers are making this week? And yeah, I don’t care what the brother of a Quarterback said on Twitter. I have a theory that there are some Bucs fans who actually want Patrick Murray to miss FGs. How about the fact that there actually was some improvement in this team this week? Are you shocked to hear me say that? I opened up this episode to allow fans the opportunity to contribute and kudos to some great Bucs fans who called in to this episode and there were fans who took advantage of that. We broke down this last game against the Cleveland Browns and my good friend “Old School” from What The Buc (@WhatTheBuc) calls in to give his opinions. We made a major announcement this evening regarding our new partner. Here’s a hashtag for you. Hashtag – FREE BEER. Please go follow @TwoHenrysBeer on Twitter and check out the BucsBrief Podcast special you can take advantage of in their taproom.


BucsBrief Podcast Episode Twenty Seven

Episode 27 – Shoot from the hip cowboy – What did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers do this weekend to prove that they aren’t the worst team in the NFL? I’ll wait. I hate going on rants every episode, but damnit, you Bucs fans deserve better than this! I’m joined by Adam Ratliff to break down this loss against the Minnesota Vikings. Luke Easterling @LukeEasterling of Bleacher Report and thedraftreport.com talks about the trades the Bucs made today (10/28/14), his grades from the Vikings game, this team moving forward, and the upcoming NFL Draft. Is there any hope moving forward? Will this team win another game this season? I know Garrett F’n Gilkey is not the answer. Thank God for Mike Evans, Patrick Murray, Gerald McCoy, and Lavonte David. Hashtag – It’s a Bucs Life.